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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Children's Garden

1. This is not the season to compromise quality or values!


Since the first 5 years are the most crucial time in a child’s development, you have a right to be very picky about who you entrust your child’s development to at this stage. They deserve a loving, protected environment that reflects your own values.

2. Your child will never be a face lost in the crowd.


Even though our children are learning to be part of a group, we know they still require a lot of individual attention for healthy development. We keep our school small to make this possible.

3. Make a healthier transition to all-day Kindergarten.


A pleasant, supportive transition from home to school is essential for healthy emotional development. We provide a solid academic foundation and transition period between home and all-day kindergarten. In fact, we get reports every year from Kindergarten teachers in our parish that “Children’s Garden children are so well prepared for Kindergarten."

Part-Day Preschool is a great way for your child to make a healthy transition from home to school. With free Early Drop-Off everyday, we strive to make the part-day format as manageable for parents as possible! 

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